Picket Fence

One of the most commonly mentioned types of fences is the picket fence. A picket fence is normally used in order to dictate domestic boundaries. The picket fence is most commonly seen in homes found in the United States of America. This style of fence is known to have been used ever since the First Period, and is still a popular choice among home owners in the United States today as well as in many other parts of the world.

Picket fences are most commonly colored, stained, or painted white. In the construction of picket fences, the most commonly used material is wood. Nowadays though, a few suppliers of home materials have managed to conjure up a plastic material that resembles wood. The post common style for making picket fences are planks or vertical boards with pointed or tapered ends. In some suppliers these days, one may also now be able to find picket fences made of aluminum.

Picket fences can now be easily assembled simply by acquiring sections that have been prefabricated. Commonly, such prefabricated picket fences will have the posts for each of its sections partly buried and posted into the ground while the many boards or pickets that will cover most of the perimeter will stay above ground.