Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence is yet another common type of fence that is regularly used these days. Also known to some as wire netting or chain wire fence, the chain link fence is distinguished as a woven fence that is commonly made by different types of steel. In some parts of the world, it is also referred to as a cyclone fence or a hurricane fence. In most cases, the preferred materials are either galvanized steel wire or LLDPE-coated steel wire. A chain link fence has its wires woven via zig zag patterns where the angles of each wire intersect with each other in order to form a diamond pattern that is known as a chain link. Other weaves may also be found but the diamond pattern is considered as the most common of all.

A chain link fence is assembled and installed with the use of some posts that are partially buried into the ground or set in hard concrete. These posts provide support for the wires that are chain linked, and can be made of wood, steel tubes, or concrete themselves. Chain link fences are popular among farms in order to separate their livestock and keep them safe from predators or from being stolen by thieves.